Secret Recipe of Neapolitan Pizza

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The Neapolitan pizza history goes back to the people who desired to retain the ancient heritage of an authentic taste. The well-secured ingredients comprise the Italian bread of highly refined nature, San Marzano tomatoes and Mozzarella di Bufala which is fresh mozzarella made in buffalo milk. San Marzano tomatoes are special because they grow up in volcanic soil with a slightly sweeter flavor and of less acidic nature.

Things to Understand

The pizza just uses the hands kneaded dough that need not be rolled using any mechanical method. Also, the pizza cannot exceed in diameter over 35 centimetres and it shouldn’t be thicker than one third of a single centimetre at the centre. Creating Neapolitan pizza is an art as it’s a perfect blend of exotic ingredients and a traditional cooking style.

Secret Ingredients

First of all, you need strong plain flour, yeast and salt to prepare the dough. Then, you are expected to work on the toppings that have plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, Animal Pros, basil leaves, dried oregano, chopped mozzarella and ground black pepper.

The Recipe

Preparation starts with preheating the oven at 500 degree F. After that, you may knead the dough mixing flour, salt, yeast and lukewarm water together but do not let it to be too tacky. Make a ball out of it and let it stay idle for 5 minutes after covering it with a cloth. Afterwards, split the dough into two parts while kneading each for a while and forming balls from them. Now, have a neat kitchen cloth and sprinkle some flour upon it. After that, put the dough upon it and then covering it with a bit damp cloth. Leave it to grow in warm conditions for 30 minutes.

Proceed next and get tomatoes inside a bowl. Slightly squash them, add pepper and salt to taste and mix them well. Now, find a clean surface and sprinkle flour on that. Additionally, spread the dough with your palms and form it round with a border. The dough needs to be made as thin as possible looking like a pancake but it shouldn’t split. Now, take two big, flat baking sheets and sprinkle breadcrumbs on them. Thereafter, place the pizza bases over them and spread tomato evenly above each. Putting too much of tomato should be avoided so that the pizza doesn’t go soggy.

Drizzle olive oil, sprinkle parmesan cheese, add basil leaves or top with oregano and put mozzarella cheese. You can add toppings of own choice. The preparation should be placed in a hot oven for over 7 minutes or longer if you wish your pizza to be crispy. Take it out from the oven and it’s ready to eat just after drizzling some olive oil.

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