The Importance of a Father

Daughter and father complex issues can stem from an overbearing father, an absentee father or even from the mother. Yes, even in the mother.

Daddy issues or what’s called the Electra syndrome, is a complicated issue of a daughter competing with her mother for the attention of the father. As the child grows up, she eventually tends to look for male attention outside the home front. When a woman is ultra flirtatious, sexually aggressive, wanting to catch men’s attention, then there’s a very substantial possibility that the girl has issues known as the Electra complex.

Unrealized expectation or fantasy Melbourne Animal Removal

Free stock photo of person, love, people, summerSome problems result from the dad being very strict, constricting the freedom of their daughter, and imposing perfectionism. The daughter would respond by living up to the father’s expectation and even actually living her dad’s unfinished dreams; or rebel. There are fathers who wanted a boy but ended up getting a girl. This unrealized expectation or dream, when not properly handled, will create the daughter to feel poor and will try to compensate for living up to the function of a son. She will live the life span of her father’s “son” and will soon find herself with no individuality. This can cause the daughter to excel in college, look very successful in her profession, but unbeknownst to the external world, she has inferior self-image and is overstressed attempting to meet her father’s expectations.

The problem in this type of daughter and father complex issue can cause confusion and dilemma in establishing the daughter’s self-identity. At a certain point in her life, she’ll begin to wonder why she is feeling “not herself” or “unsuccessful” in spite of excelling in everything that she does. Living up to other people’s expectations can be quite straining on anyone and this is what happens to the daughter. Another offshoot for this is at a point when the daughter snaps and suddenly drops the ball. She might feel that the burden too heavy to carry that she might elect to go against the will of their father and become self-destructive.

Some daughters with overpowering dads can choose to react aggressively even as a young girl and won’t ever try to please her dad at all. In fact, she will go out of her way to show her displeasure for her daddy’s micro-management. She’ll smoke, have low grades, and might resort to drugs and alcohol just to rebel and make her point. This produces the complete reverse of this perfectionist daughter.

Another daughter and father complex issue is derived from the lack of a father figure. The latter condition leaves a very powerful dent on the self-esteem of the daughter. The daughter can grow up with the thought that she’s not worthy of a father’s love. Some may even think that they caused the parents’ separation and the father leaving them.

Low self-confidence and feeling of guilt

With low self-confidence and feeling of guilt, a girl can grow up to be withdrawn and mediocre. The daughter’s yearning for a father’s affection, protection and guidance can cause deep sadness and pain as the girl grows up.

Absentee fathers to get into drugs

It is not unusual for daughters with absentee fathers to get into drugs, go into depression and have multiple partners. Sadly, these problems are not very easy to show as the cause for the problematic life of their adult daughter. When a grown up daughter spirals downward with some drug or alcohol problems or multiple divorces, the main cause which goes all of the way to her childhood may not be apparent even to the closest people to her. Many daughters suffering from this daughter and father complex issue may not even recognize the root cause of her failing life.

The worst daughter and father complex issue is if the daughter feels that the father is touching her inappropriately or lusts for her. These complex issues can cause not just stress, anxiety or depression but even neurosis. The woman can despise the father and hate herself for allowing such things to happen.

Father figure Is Essential

A father figure is quite important to the health of a daughter’s emotional and mental growth. The father’s presence can fill up a daughter’s most memorable moments. The father, being the first adult male experience of any girl, can spell the success or failure of the daughter’s future relationships with men.

Can devastate the future

Parents should recognize that daughter and father complex issues are real and can devastate the future of the daughter. They should work out a strategy on increasing their daughter properly.

Conclusion: A genuinely caring father who gives time and shows affection to his young daughter could provide an anchor so that her woman won’t go astray; and keep on the right path towards success in different fronts of life, especially in marriage.

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