What Is the Point of Recycling Waste?

Millions of dollars are being made by unscrupulous companies that collect waste and utilize private properties to ditch it. On one website alone over a thousand tons of waste has been dumped in an old golf course and much more is coming daily.

Most people today enjoy Critter Control Cost recycling vinyl, paper, and glass in the bins provided by councils. The recycling collection truck has a sign on it that so many plastic bottles will offer enough energy to power a house for six hours. This makes us feel great about making sure we do the perfect thing.

Following the exposure of what really happens to this waste in NSW makes me worried about what happens to it in the Australian Capital Territory and elsewhere. Mountains of glass shards aren’t recycled but kept in huge plastic bags and sent to Melbourne where they’re stored in warehouses. The purchase price for it’s fallen from $200 a tonne to $25 which makes it too expensive to market.’

So what’s all about? Where are the authorities and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) while this is happening? There are rogue elements in every area of the government and local governments and many whistle blowers fear for their security as so much cash is involved.

Massive penalties should be imposed to help pay for it. Meanwhile we’ll be asking the question of what’s the purpose of recycling waste?

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